Our Core List of Products :

Fixed Scaffolding


The Crab System

The CRAB system is based around a pivoting wedge-key and a stirrup

As soon as a ledger (horizontal tube) fitted with a Crab wedge-key comes into contact with the stirrup, the wedge-key flips automatically, drops into place, and the coupling is complete.

A single hammering of the wedge-key secures the join.  Crab SystemUntitled-13

When the wedge key is dropped along a main axis, it ensures a straight or right-angled join between ledgers.

Untitled-27 Example of a mixed Layout

The CRAB system ensures the same ledger gives exactly the same bay width regardless of the diameter – 49mm, 57mm, or 60mm – of the uprights (“standards”).

This feature allows you to use the same ledgers, diagonal bracing, and platform on any of our systems fitted with CRAB. The CRAB system is used in multicrab scaffolding with tube diameters of 40mm , on Crabetai shoring with tube diameters of 57mm, and on Crabtour and Tourechaf shoring with tube diameters of 60mm.

The use of common scaffolding and shoring components simplifies the management of your equipment stores.

The CRAB system lets you place standards of different diameters one on top of the other to suit the load being supported. For example Crabetai 57mm standards can be used for the lower scaffolding levels while Multicrab 49mm standards are used higher up.

The stirrup length varies with tube diameter in order to maintain a constant centre distance between standards of different diameter.

The Crab range offers a variety of lengths, all compatible with each other and enabling a host of possibilities.



Providing working platforms onshore and offshore and fitted with the Crab system


The Crabetai is a multi-level, multi-directional shoring systemUntitled-18 Untitled-19 Untitled-20

The uprights have adjustable feet with standards incorporating Crab couplers, the essential feature of the system, which are used to connect Multicrab ledgers and diagonal braces to the standards..

Load bearing capacity: 3.5 tonnes per standard.


The Crabtour is a multi-directional shoring system with triangular sections

It can be used for any type of shoring.Untitled-28

The triangular sections are assembled to form towers, runs or blocks.

They have Crab couplers for connecting Multicrab ledgers and diagonal braces.

Load Bearing capacity: 6 tonnes per standard



Items such as coupling and shelving use for

a)       Hanger with built in storage

b)       Shelving for shoring sheet metals

c)       Shelving with circulation at mid height

Accessories and Couplings for all types of scaffolding from the simplest façade scaffolding to the most sophisticated type of offshore shoring. These accessories include:

40/49 baseplates and base jacks  Untitled-30

These compensate for land height variations and spread the load transmitted by the standards.

Item code


Weight in kg





Base jack with detachable baseplate



Base jack with fixed baseplate



Inclinable base jack


Safe working load: 5500 daN

Baseplates must be stabilized when resting on sloping ground  Untitled-33

Base jacks with a detachable baseplate can be used on a slope of up to 7%Untitled-34

Castor and adaptersUntitled-32

The adapters join the castor wheels to the scaffolding to provide mobile structures.

Cross braces  Untitled-14

Made out of 38mm diameter tube x 2.7mm nominal thickness (?? = 32daN/mm2) and fitted with a wedge key at each end, these provide wind bracing of structures and are defined by the height and width of the grid (bay) they are placed in.

Ledgers or horizontal

Are made out of 48.3mm diameter tube x 2.7mm nominal thickness (?? = 32daN/mm2) and are fitted with a flip stirrup at each end.

Platforms  Untitled-11     Untitled-13

All our Panacier platforms are fastened in place by 4 Entrepose type hooks with locking and anti-tilt devices.

Panatrap aluminium/wood Untitled-12   

Panatrap platforms are fitted with a trapdoor and a built-in access ladder.

Allow at least one access per façade. Plan on a maximum distance of 20m between access points.

Our Services Include:


We design and install customer scaffolding needs offshore and onshore for an agreed monthly rental cost.


We sell outright on customer’s demands for any scaffolding and accessories needs, our products are from Entrepose Mills International, France. Products can be manufactured to customers specifications but meeting our certified quality standards.

The sales department is the contact point for dealing with customers requirements and supplying scaffolding to worksites.

Pheg Nigeria Limited provides full range of scaffolding services


For more details about sales and rentals; you can email us on: sales@phegnigeria.com and rentals@phegnigeria.com