PHEG Nigeria Limited is a registered Nigerian company with 25 years experience in the construction and maintenance industry.

Our experience led to the discovery that there is a huge gap for delivery of quality scaffolding to the construction as well as the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria; this led to our search and eventually introducing the highest standards of scaffolding into the Oil and Gas industry, where experience and safety matters most.

We thereby deploy services of Entrepose Mills International, France -  a World Class Company widely known all over Europe, Asia and Americas; with over 70 years of experience in the Industry, Entrepose attains all world recognized Certificates and standards in the industry.

Entrepose Echafaudages specializes in all aspects of scaffolding and shoring, from the development of components, through the design of complete scaffolds, to erection, sale, rental and training services for users.
It is the market leader in France with a staff of 400 and 30, 000 tonnes of scaffolding.
Entrepose Echafaudages has a network of 15 branches and regional offices which provide customers with a comprehensive range of scaffolding to meet their requirements for construction, public works, industry and entertainment.
With more than 70 years’ experience as a user-erector on all types of worksite, Entrepose Echafaudages has developed a comprehensive range of multi-purpose,fully compatible scaffolding and shoring equipment based on its Crab system.


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