Welcome to PHEG

PHEG Nigeria Limited is a registered Nigerian company with 25 years experience in the construction and maintenance industry.

Our experience led to the discovery that there is a huge gap for delivery of quality scaffolding to the construction as well as the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria; this led to our search and eventually introducing the highest standards of scaffolding into the Oil and Gas industry, where experience and safety matters most.
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  • Quality and Safety

    We have an ongoing commitment to ensuring that our scaffolding is safe to erect and use to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. Our approach is based on the Certification of:
    - Our system which, together with the commitment of each member of our staff in all our sites, has enabled us to obtain and maintain certification to ISO 9001 for all our operations.
    - Our commitment to safety is widely recognized and our branches working in industry are certified to, MASE (French Health, Safety and Environment Association); this led to the development of a high standard Community Affairs, Safety and Health, Environmental and Security Policy (CASHES Policy) in Nigeria.

    Make permanent collective safety measures a priority
    During design, erection, and dismantling, collective safety measures must be privileged.
    In certain circumstances, where installation of temporary guard rails to provide collective protection during erection is partly or wholly impossible, erectors must rely on the personal protection of a safety harness tethered to the scaffolding.

  • Safety accessories

    Entrepose Echafaudages has developed a wide range of safety accessories to meet specific requirements:
    - Adjustable decking,
    - Steel decking panels,
    - MDS erection and dismantling safety guards, etc

  • Scaffolding

     Fitted with the Crab system

    Multicrab is multilevel, multidirectional scaffolding. It can be used for all types of work.Untitled-13

    The Multicrab range includes many accessories for safe erection and dismantling and adaptation to all situations.

    Untitled-16Crabtour is triangular frame shoring. All types of shoring can be made from it. The triangles are assembled to make towers, piers, or birdcages.

    Load bearing: 6 tonnes per standard.

    Crabetai is multilevel, multidirectional shoring. The standards are fitted with stirrup to allow coupling to standard Multicrab ledgers and diagonal braces.Untitled-15
    Load bearing: 3.5 tonnes per standard

  • The Crab System

    The CRAB system is based around a pivoting wedge-key and a stirrup
    As soon as a ledger (horizontal tube) fitted with a Crab wedge-key comes into contact with the stirrup, the wedge-key flips automatically, drops into place, and the coupling is complete.Crab System
    A single hammering of the wedge-key secures the join.
    When the wedge key is dropped along a main axis, it ensures a straight or right-angled join between ledgers.

    The CRAB system ensures the same ledger gives exactly the same bay width regardless of the diameter – 49mm, 57mm, or 60mm – of the uprights (“standards”).
    Untitled-11This feature allows you to use the same ledgers, diagonal bracing, and platform on any of our systems fitted with CRAB. The CRAB system is used in multicrab scaffolding with tube diameters of 40mm , on Crabetai shoring with tube diameters of 57mm, and on Crabtour and Tourechaf shoring with tube diameters of 60mm.
    The use of common scaffolding and shoring components simplifies the management of your equipment stores.
    The CRAB system lets you place standards of different diameters one on top of the other to suit the load being supported. For example Crabetai 57mm standards can be used for the lower scaffolding levels while Multicrab 49mm standards are used higher up.
    The stirrup length varies with tube diameter in order to maintain a constant centre distance between standards of different diameter.

    The Crab range offers a variety of lengths, all compatible with each other and enabling a host of possibilities.

  • Multicrab Video Demonstration

For further information; you can email us at : info@phegnigeria.com